Why we do what we do

There are so many options for payroll service.

We are the better choice. Our payroll analysts are trained to assist you with all payroll related concerns.  Running a business is a group effort with so many rules, regulations, and options. We want to see your business succeed and grow. You should be spending time at what you love to do… Let us take care of your payroll.


Your time is our priority. 

Grant Payroll Inc. offers specialized payroll service to support the success of your business.


  • We believe people matter, and should be treated as such.
  • We value integrity, because this reveals our character.
  • We value punctuality and reliability, and believe those values convey respect.
  • We believe it is healthy to laugh, and even healthier to be able to laugh at ourselves.
  • We believe flexibility and patience creates a safe and smooth work environment.
  • We believe all people deserve the truth in a tactful and respectable manner.
  • We believe in immediate conflict resolution.
  • We value confidentiality.
  • We believe in hard work, and giving 110%.

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